Millarville Racing Association: Fair Report for November

Priddis Fair - horse eventThe 2015 Fair is officially complete. The English Light Horse, Western Light Horse, Gymkhana and
Horse Costume classes ran over the weekend of September 26 and 27 in much better weather
conditions than we experienced on Fair day. Saturday started out a bit chilly and wet, but the weather
improved steadily. Sunday was a beautiful day. Western Horse ran in the rodeo infield, allowing more
space for the riders and their steeds. English Horse enjoyed having access to the entire sand ring on

English Horse were particularly pleased with the popularity of the new Gamblers Choice class – a fun
jumping class that is sure to be back next year. Western Horse’s Western Ranch Pleasure class,
running for its second year, was the most popular Western class. Participation in the Gymkhana
events skyrocketed this year, increasing 60% over 2014 to 250! With an increasing number of
exhibitors across all 3 events, and a successful trial for a 2 day horse schedule, the horse event
organizers want to continue with the 2 day format in 2016. Over the next few months we will be
searching for other attractions, activities, displays and demonstrations that fit well with an old
fashioned country fair that could round out a second Fair day. If you have any suggestions or ideas,
please pass them along at the office or by email at

Priddis Fair horse jumpAnyone who won a portion of the $22,430 prize pool at the Fair should have their payout. We took in
$13,025 in entry fees from 560 exhibitors for 3700 exhibits. We had 186 new exhibitors, many of
whom won prize money and ribbons!

In addition to prize money, the best of the best in each department, as determined by the judges, is
given the Award of Excellence. Winners are given a large and very distinctive rosette ribbon and
presented with a trophy and the judge’s comments/rational on the stage in the afternoon of Fair day.
In case you missed the presentations, the 2015 Award of Excellence winners are:

  • Dairy Goats – Adam Scanlon
  • Photography – Janice King
  • Junior Photography – Jacy Gerlitz
  • Field Crops-  Patty Webb
  • Junior Field Crops – Preston Selk
  • Fibre Arts – Krista McIntosh
  • Junior Fibre Arts – Weston McClinchey
  • Home Cooking & Baking – Bernice McAllister
  • Junior Home Cooking & Baking – Amy Jardie
  • Arts & Handicrafts – Corrine Nelson
  • Junior Arts & Handicrafts – Levi Stein
  • Flowers – Sheila Virgo
  • Junior Flowers – Victoria Jones
  • Vegetables & Fruit – Paul Rishaug
  • Junior Vegetables & Fruit – Bradley Govier
  • Woodworking – Doug Lothrop
  • Junior Woodworking – Walter Schaal
  • Poultry, Waterfowl & Pigeon -s Allan Lakusta
  • Junior Poultry, Waterfowl & Pigeons – Jared Cook
  • Sheep – Patric Lyster
  • Junior Sheep Sage Runge
  • Pet Zone – Levi Borys

Priddis Fair - horseIn late August, the Fair Committee sent a survey to MRAS members, 2015 exhibitors and a sampling of
Fair volunteers. We received 74 responses and many comments. Almost all respondents feel more
connected with others in the community by participating in the Fair and 89% reported that the Fair
book helped them to know how to participate in the Fair. We are grateful for the time and
thoughtfulness put into the comments and will be using them as a guide when planning for next year’s

We are pleased to tell you that the Fair Committee has chosen a theme for the 109th Priddis &
Millarville Fair – Along for the Ride. We already have many ideas for incorporating the theme but are
always open to new and creative suggestions.

Many thanks again to the hundreds of volunteers, exhibitors, judges, sponsors, visitors and MRAS Life
Members who have contributed to making the Fair an outstanding example of a community and play.
You are the reason our Fair has endured and thrived for over a century