Millarville Community School: What’s Happening in the Classrooms in March

The Kinders are inquiring into how people communicate their feelings. They’ve been looking at different artists and will share their own artwork on Thursday, March 26.

The Grade 1s are looking at communities and how buildings are constructed to provide for needs and wants. They will be celebrating their learning at an upcoming assembly on Friday, March 27.

The Grade 2s are investigating how our personal habits affect our health. They have been learning about the brain, blood, and other body systems with their special classroom guest, Frank.

The Grade 3s unit under Who We Are has them researching how humans have rights & responsibilities to maintain communities. Each student investigated a service organization that brought special attention to the global needs of children.

The Grade 4s have been busy investigating simple machines and their very own machines came to school last week. There were some amazing and creative inventions in the classroom!

The Grade 5s are working under the theme How We Express Ourselves by looking at how the Arts illuminate the complexity and diversity of a culture.

The Grade 6s wrapped up their unit on Evidence and Investigation and are now starting to work in their Sky Science unit.

The Grade 7s built and are testing the differences between passive and solar heating with model “cube” houses.

The Grade 8s are finding out lots of fascinating information about the Aztecs and are also reading novels recommended by their teacher, Mr. Hanson.

Awesome Students!

Addie – Gr. 2 for respect & independence

Shona – Gr. 3 for enthusiasm

Reese – Gr. 3 for curiosity

Maya – Gr. 2 for creativity

Anya – Gr. 2 for independence

Kate – Gr. 2 for respect

Briella – Gr. 4 for empathy

Chara – Gr. 6 for commitment

Austin – Gr. 6 for appreciation

Naomi – Gr. 6 for respect

Kate – Gr. 2 for independence

Reagan – Gr. 2 for respect