Millarville Community School: School Yard Food Forest Update

MCS food forestThank you to all the volunteers who offered to water the plants over the summer, including Mrs. Smallwood, Olivia, Oren, Freddie, Gabe, Anders, Matthew, Clark, Reese, Brayden, Moms and Dads, and everyone else who stopped by to help.

The White Dutch Clover cover crop has grown quite nicely along the wall of the school and there are quite a few transplanted perennials that have taken to their new home. They will continue to need some TLC but are looking successful. Next spring we should see some real growth! Unfortunately, due to some miscommunication with FSD Maintenance, the remainder of the area was sprayed with Round-Up, killing off all of the cover crop and the planted perennials. Miss Olver has been busy re-seeding and is hopeful the new clover seeds will take before the snow falls. The lost perennials will be replaced in the spring.

MCS firepitAlso, anyone who did not bring in a signed rock in June is still welcome to do so. However, FSD Maintenance has requested we move the rocks from their current location because of snow removal along the sidewalk. The rocks will instead be displayed in our teepee. A BIG thank you to Mr. Beacom, Mr. Gibson and all the students who worked very hard to clean up the inside of the teepee and around the fire pit. It is awesome! The sod that Mr. McAllister helped us remove from the Food Forest was shaped into a half circle berm around the fire pit. FSD Maintenance will be seeding the berm with grass in the future. Thank you to Mr. Koopman for helping move the gravel, logs and smoothing out the berm and ensuring it was perfect.

Over the next month Miss Olver will be applying for various “School Yard” and “Green Initiative” grants. Come spring (and possibly this fall) we will be getting more edible plants and continuing to work on establishing the Food Forest. Watch the Millarville Messenger and Millarville Facebook page for updates.