Millarville Community School: Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message
Soccer and baseball season are here, the Flames gave us a good run, we have an NDP majority government in Alberta and we have less than two months of school left in the 2014-2015 school year. My, a lot can change in a couple of weeks!

Looking back on the last two weeks, our students have been busy young entrepreneurs and game designers. Our grade 4s hosted their first mini-businesses where they learned about the value of money while selling a service or product that they created themselves. These business owners made over $300 to donate towards the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Our grade 5s held mini-mall in a similar fashion and learned that sometimes you can price yourself out of the market! (I think I bought a $350 cookie, it was delicious though!) Students were given $1000 in play money to purchase goods and services including food, sporting challenges and even taking in a concert!

Finally, we had a technology advisory meeting a few weeks back and I need more input from our families before we refine our purchasing plans for technology next year. Part of the decision making process involves an understanding of our upper-school’s ability to access technology from home and thoughts on bringing personal devices from home. If you will have a child in grades 5-8 next year at MCS, please ensure you add your thoughts onto this month’s survey, although everyone is invited to participate.

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