Military Qualify for Commercial Driver’s Licences

The province is making it easier for Canadian Armed Forces members, Regular and Reserve, to find good jobs during and after their service.

L-R: Maj. Charmaine Berestovy, MLA Nicole Goehring, MLA Colin Piquette, Carolyn Patton and Chris Nash.

The government is now recognizing their unique training when it comes to operating commercial vehicles.

Since June 2015, Alberta has recognized the Department of National Defence’s (DND) training and testing requirements so that serving members and veterans can operate commercial vehicles without more testing. Previously, military veterans were unable to transfer their credentials when they left their military careers.

Working with the DND and the Canadian Forces Liaison Council, Alberta Transportation has expanded the current policy to include Reservists under this agreement. This change came into effect in November 2018.

“This agreement serves Regular and Reserve members, including veterans, in their current and future careers. These highly skilled men and women can save time and money on training and testing and take advantage of new job opportunities as they retire from the Canadian Armed Forces and transition to new careers.”

~Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation

“Alberta’s recognition of military driving qualifications is an excellent opportunity for Reservists to advance their civilian careers without the financial and time burden of additional testing.”

~Maj. Charmaine Berestovy, deputy commanding officer, 41 Service Battalion, 41 Canadian Brigade Group

“Through the ongoing partnership between the Canadian Forces Liaison Council and the Government of Alberta, Alberta Transportation is recognizing the rigorous training and special qualifications of Reserve Force members with the expanded DND Training and Testing Recognition agreement. The end result is safe, qualified and experienced drivers on Alberta roads.”   

~Carolyn Patton, Alberta chair of Canadian Forces Liaison Council

“I applaud the Alberta government decision to exempt past and present Department of National Defence trained personnel from the incoming mandatory entry-level required training. This agreement creates a pathway into civilian careers as commercial drivers.”

~Chris Nash, president, Alberta Motor Transport Association

Quick facts

  • As of Dec. 17, 2018, 803 DND applications have been processed since the DND Training and Testing Recognition agreement was signed in 2015.
  • About 15 per cent of applicants were eligible for an Alberta Class 1 or Class 2 driver’s licence upgrade and
    65 per cent of applicants were eligible for a Class 3 driver’s licence upgrade.