Message from Suzanne Oel, President, High Country Rural Crime Watch Association

  1. If you have not heard already, the Fire Ban in the MD of Foothills has been lifted as of September 4, 2018.
  2. There’s news from the Provincial RCMP about property crime stats reducing in Alberta:
  3. However, in our area, the Turner Valley RCMP detachment response area, our property crime stats are higher compared to last year in our mid-year report.  In a recent conversation with Staff Sergeant Helgeson, I received this stat update and a reminder to keep vigilant and report suspicious activity.  Please see the graphic below and note the Property Crime stats in 2018 compared to other years.
  4. Our Foothills Council is conducting a Pilot project to hire additional RCMP shifts to target areas of concern noted by Council and RCMP and to create more police presence in Foothills.  We made a motion to go ahead with this on Sept. 5, 2018, from October to December 2018, and then to evaluate the program at that point.  We hope this will help fight crime!
  5. FYI, there are new 911 standards in place.  Here’s what that is all about:
  6. New CBC documentary on rural crime: 2018 Season 1, episode 1 “Cattle Cops” features the Alberta RCMP Livestock investigators dealing with cattle theft: (Duration: 14:54 minutes)
  7. Sept. 3, 2018 CTV Documentary you may find interesting: Trespass – Alberta’s Rural Crime Wave: (Duration: 22.55 minutes)
  8. Be BEAR aware:  Just a reminder that the BEARS are active in our area.  A number of residents have posted sightings over the last few days with photos from their wildlife cams.  As you know we have a lot of cougar-bear-other wildlife activity this time of the year.  Be safe everyone. Good info about being BearSmart on our properties can be found at:

All the Best, Suzanne Oel, HCRCWA Pres.