Mental Health First Aid with St. John Ambulance and the Mental Health Commission of Canada

Edmonton – One in three Canadians will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime* according to a study cited by the Mental Health Commission of Canada.
In order to combat the strain and stigma of mental illness St. John Ambulance offers a Mental Health First Aid course developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Students learn about the stigma of mental illness, substance related disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and psychotic disorders.
Not only are mental health problems common, professional help is not always available to those in need.
– One in five Canadians will experience some problem with their mental health in the course of a year*
–  23% of workers have experienced physical health problems as a result of stress, anxiety or major depression*
– 20% of all sick leaves are related to mental health*
– In one year between 16% and 17%  of the population visit a physician for a mental health problem*
The aims of mental health first aid are to:
– Preserve life where a person may be a danger to themselves or others
– Provide help to prevent the mental health problem from becoming more serious
– Promote the recovery of good mental health
– Provide comfort to a person experiencing a mental health problem
St. John Ambulance has been a leader in training Canadians to deal with physical injuries through first aid and CPR since 1883. In offering this innovative program from the Mental Health Commission of Canada Canadians are now able to learn how to help those suffering from a mental health problem or crisis.
About St. John Ambulance
St. John Ambulance is an international humanitarian organization and is a foundation of the Order of St. John. As Canada’s standard for excellence in First Aid and CPR services, St. John Ambulance offers innovative programs, ensuring Canadians receive the best quality training.
Revenue generated from First Aid/CPR training supports St. John Ambulance’s charitable work.
*Mental Health First Aid Canada, The Mental Health Commission of Canada