In Memory of Rod Love

October 27, 2014 – “Today, we have lost an icon in Alberta politics. Rod Love was a man known to most by his political insights and his usually prominent moustache. But to many of us from the 1980’s in Calgary, and the 1990’s and 2000’s in Alberta, he was the driver behind Ralph Klein, a mentor and a friend. While his successes were numerous, he was always proudest of his greatest success, his family.

I got to know Rod well in 1989 during his run in the Calgary Buffalo by-election; forever known by Rod and his campaign team as “Head Smashed-in Buffalo”. Curiously, this was also the first time I met Alan Hallman who spends today volunteering on the Calgary-Elbow by-election.

Rod’s political legacy of service to Albertans and sense of humour will be missed by many of us but his ability to grasp issues and his appreciation of what made Calgarians and Albertans tick, will stay with me for my lifetime.
I rather think Rod is up there giving the big guy some sage political advice today …”

~ Kelley Charlebois, Executive Director, PC Alberta