Mel Hurtig passing: Statement from Deputy Premier Hoffman

Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman has issued condolences on the death of Mel Hurtig.

“Albertans’ thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of longtime Edmontonian Mel Hurtig.

“As a businessman, Mel brought books to a literature-hungry Edmonton. As a publisher, he nurtured our pride, knowledge and Canadian identity by bringing us the Canadian Encyclopedia. As a writer, he brought a unique perspective to issues that touch us all.

“Mel’s dedication and accomplishments were an inspiration to generations of Albertans and Canadians in education, business, politics and the arts. He was a dedicated advocate, a committed nationalist and a model of family and community values.

“That legacy continues through the work of organizations that benefited from Mel’s leadership, including the Council of Canadians, which he co-founded. And every year since 2005, the University of Alberta’s Department of Political Science has presented the Hurtig Lecture on the Future of Canada.

“The University of Lethbridge awarded him one of his six honorary degrees. Among his many awards was the Order of Canada.

“Mel will be missed.”