“Meet New Friends or Join an Interest Group” Meeting ~ Sheep River Library

Newcomers to Black Diamond and Turner Valley can have an easy introduction to local groups and community activities thanks to an event being hosted at the Sheep River Library on Friday, Sept. 25th at 7:00 pm.  This is the third meeting of its kind this year, explains SRL Board Chairperson Diane Osberg, and is open not just to newcomers but to anyone wanting to meet new neighbours and join an interest group.

“As a direct result of our our meetings in January and May of this year,” says Osberg, “we now have a bird watching club, a robust travel group, a French conversation club, and lots of interest in existing programs in town. Anyone new to our community will find this a great way to meet like-minded people.”

Several activities will be highlighted at the September meeting: the library’s award winning Ramblers and OutLoud series, trends in outdoor parks and recreation, and an overview of the Sheep Creek Arts Council. Guests will also have a chance to start new groups and find residents with similar interests for shared activities.  “The success of our Diamond Valley Newcomers group is that it is low maintenance,” says Osberg.  “Sign up for a little or a lot or nothing.  Start a group.  Meet a new friend.  Learn about existing community groups and clubs.  It’s the library’s way of saying, Welcome to our community.”

Interested?  Please call the library, 403-933-3278, to register.



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