Mediator Appointed for AMA Negotiations: Joint statement

Mediator Appointed for AMA Negotiations

Minister of Health Tyler Shandro and Alberta Medical Association president Dr. Christine Molnar issued the following statements on appointing a mediator to guide negotiations on the AMA agreement:

“While we have made some progress over the past few months of negotiations, we have been unable to come to terms on a new agreement between the government and the Alberta Medical Association.

“As a result, we have agreed to appoint a mediator to help us achieve our goal of reaching a new agreement.

“The mediator will begin to work with both sides as meetings resume on Jan. 31.” Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health

“The parties have worked together for a number of months and have been unable to reach an agreement.

“I am encouraged by the appointment of a mutually acceptable mediator.

“With this support, I hope that we can work towards an agreement that provides fairness for physicians and value for patients.”Dr. Christine Molnar, president, Alberta Medical Association