MD of Foothills: Intermunicipal Development Plans Rural-to-Rural


The MD of Foothills has joined a group of eight rural municipalities in southern Alberta who have hired the Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC) to create a series of eleven rural-to-rural intermunicipal development plans. The purpose of these plans is to improve consultation with respect to planning and development between rural municipalities who share boundaries. The MD of Foothills is currently participating in the creation of four intermunicipal development plans, with  Vulcan County, the M.D. of Willow Creek, Wheatland County and the M.D. of Ranchland. These plans will generally impact lands within two miles of the boundary between the M.D. and the adjacent municipality.

In order to gather public input on the proposed draft plans there will be a series of public open houses held over the coming months. In the month of June the following open houses are scheduled:

1. Vulcan County and M.D. of Foothills IDP – June 2, 4-6 pm at Blackie Community Hall, Blackie ;

2. M.D. of Willow Creek and M.D. of Foothills IDP – June 9, 4-6 pm at IOOF Hall in Cayley;

3. Wheatland County and M.D. of Foothills IDP – June 10, 4-6 pm  at the Community Hall in Carseland.

An open house for the M.D. of Foothills and M.D. of Ranchland IDP will be scheduled for some time in the fall at the M.D.Ranchland office at Chain Lakes.

Members of the project team from ORRSC as well as representatives from the municipalities will be in attendance at each open house to gather public feedback and answer questions with respect to the draft plans.

Copies of the draft plans are available for review here.

Foothills – Ranchland IDP   |    Foothills – Vulcan IDP   |   Wheatland – Foothills IDP   |   Willow Creek – Foothills