MD of Foothills: Public Hearing – Land Use Bylaw Review

October 15, 2014, 1:30pm

Public Hearing for Land Use Bylaw Review & Amendment

MD of Foothills Administrative Building, High River

LUB_logo_web_5gsThe Land Use Bylaw public hearing has been scheduled to consider the proposed amendments to the bylaw.

Following an extensive staff review, a public survey, a series a focus group sessions, Council review, and a legal review, some changes have been made to the current land use bylaw such as the addition of new districts, new flood regulations, additional permitted and discretionary uses in many existing districts, inclusion of new medical marihuana provisions, and a new layout.

Open houses held in April and May 2014 allowed the public to review and provide feedback on the draft changes made to the Land Use Bylaw. The Public Consultation Report is available on the MD’s website for you to review. It provides a summary of the feedback we received throughout the public consultation processes involved in the Land Use Bylaw review.

Some additional changes have been made to the Land Use Bylaw in response to feedback received at the open houses. We hope you will take the time to review the draft.

A chart outlining additional changes made to the draft Land Use Bylaw further to the April/May 2014 public consultation is available online. A Redline copy showing the changes further to the April/May public consultation is also available at the office for review upon request.

Paper copies of all are available at the MD’s reception desk for review in-house or a hard copies may be purchased for $15.

This public hearing will be the final opportunity for the public to provide feedback on the proposed draft Land Use Bylaw.

At the public hearing, Council will hear from residents who wish to make representation. Any person providing a written submission at the hearing must have twelve copies of same available at the commencement of the hearing. If you wish to provide letters in advance of the hearing, please do so two (2) days prior to the hearing date. No submission via telephone or e-mail will be considered.

For more information or if you have any questions about the draft Land Use Bylaw or the Public Hearing, please contact Coreena Carr via email ( or call (403) 604-6245.

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