MD of Foothills News: Tree-mageddon Clean-Up Continues

By Suzanne Oel, Councillor

The storm on Sept. 10-11 left quite a mess of tree limbs throughout the MD. It has been weeks of clean up for many of us. The M.D. of Foothills wanted to help out our residents by allowing a no-fee delivery to the regional landfill for debris from the event. If you had branches from the event that you wanted to get in to our landfill and missed the deadline (Oct. 15), let me know and I will check into a late delivery for you… If you are burning your tree debris, remember to get a burning permit (call the MD office 403.652.2341) so you don’t get a costly bill for an unnecessary fire department visit, if a worried observer calls because they see a fire at your place. If you have a permit and call it in as required, the 911 operator will know about it and inform any concerned callers.

Please note, you are not allowed to place tree branches that have fallen onto private property into public ditches.