MCS: Principal’s Message for February: Teacher’s Convention


Last week you received an emailed one-minute survey to help provide our staff with some feedback about how we are doing as a learning and caring school. The image above is the response of over 40 parent responses indicating where we are successful as a school. This and the other responses will be shared with the rest of the staff in hopes to drive continual growth towards our school goals. The biggest positive, is that we have received DOUBLE the responses to this one-minute survey as we did to the Accountability Pillar surveys last year!

Thank-you for your support.

This month, FSD will be closed for a week after the Family Day weekend for the annual Teacher’s convention. All teachers will be attending the convention in Calgary for two days and we will be hosting a learning day on our own campus for the third. Teachers each year set personal goals for learning, share those with the administration and then self-select professional development based around those goals. The convention has numerous choices for our staff to learn from schools across Alberta and specialists from around Canada and the US on these days. If you are interested in learning more about the choices offered during Teacher’s Convention, please check out

Glenn Gibson

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