Mayor’s Task Force Appointed to Oversee Economic Plan


HIGH RIVER, AB: High River Town Council approved the creation of a special task force to spearhead the development and implementation of an economic action plan for the town.

The Mayor’s Economic Development Taskforce will include members of the community who have been appointed by council to take the strategic lead in creating an economic plan that will ensure long-term prosperity and sustainability for High River.

“We have gathered a lot of information and ideas over the past few months and now we need to create a very targeted, action-based plan that clearly establishes High River’s future,” said Mayor Craig Snodgrass. “We can no longer take a broad approach to economic development. We need to have a laser-sharp emphasis on the industry sectors that are long standing in town and sectors that we want to attract.”

The taskforce includes community members who have been actively involved in renewing and growing High River’s economy and were chosen for the range of abilities and energy they can contribute. They include Jodi Dawson, Mike Nychuk, Jim Ross, and Rod Cunniam. And council representatives Peter Loran and Mayor Snodgrass.

“They bring the diverse skills and expertise that we need to move High River forward,” said Snodgrass. “They are the type of people who can identify the best fit for our community and have the energy to get things moving quickly; that’s what High River needs.”

The taskforce will have a very specific timeline to complete the economic action plan by fall 2015 so that it can begin to be implemented before the end of the year. The first meeting is scheduled for Friday, February 13, 2015.