Martial Arts Students Recognized

Martial Arts Students Recognized

Rising Phoenix Martial Arts recognizes 2015 Outstanding Students

Student of the Year Youth Classes

Ninja Kids – Congratulations Ethan who was Student of the Year in Ninja Kids.  Ethan has exceptional attendance, scores very high on exams, loves training, always demonstrates respect and kindness in class, and has never had a negative behavior strike while training.

Juniors Ninjutsu – Congratulations Nolan.  Nole achieved his black belt earlier in 2015 and even though he no longer has kyu rank exams to prepare for he hasn’t lost any motivation.  He demonstrates a love for ninjutsu and training and demonstrates martial value through regularly demonstrating kindness and respect.  He was also the winner of the anti bully video contest.
Special Recognition Awards

1.  Jody Sebryk – Jody’s son trains, but he does not, which made his contribution to the dojo this last year even more significant.  Jody made two large financial contributions to the dojo out of his own pocket and made purchasing the dojo armour and a large modular military tent for camps possible.

2.  Len Beblow – Len has been involved in the dojo for years.  Not only does he train but both his children have been in classes also.  In 2015 Len made our Adult Camp possible by purchasing a firearm for the dojo out of his own pocket even though he couldn’t attend the camp.

Thanks to both of you for supporting the dojo!
Student of the Year Adult Classes

1.  Adult Ninjutsu – Matt Lozinsky.  In the last year Matt demonstrated how our resident senior student should behave.  He regularly demonstrated respect and kindness for all people at the dojo, trains hard, gets involved with projects, attends camps and events, and demonstrates a continued willingness to listen and learn.

2.  Adult Arnis – Scott Baird.  2015 was a harsh year at the dojo due to a failing provincial economy.  Between January and August the dojo was on the verge of closing several times.  Between September and December however I was able to recover.  This is in a large part due to Scott’s efforts.  Scott works in advertising and marketing for a living and in 2015 he gave his knowledge freely and spearheaded several campaigns and projects to help get the dojo recognized around the world.  Due to his efforts I will be attending and teaching at several international events.  As well he provided 50% of the cash prizes for the anti bully campaign this year.

Congratulations to both of you!