Manitoba Dump Dogs Arrive in Calgary Looking for Foster Homes and Furever Homes

The Manitoba Homeless Dump Dog Rescues arrived in Calgary September 18th. There was a tremendous amount of volunteer and foster support last week at Springbank Pet Resort and Vet Hospital. It was like a miracle. The veterinarian and his staff were all so kind and incredibly helpful to all the dogs and fosterers as they were being processed and vaccinated healthy. Some arrived needing emergency veterinary care and some stayed at the vet clinic seeking further care. The conditions of the homeless dogs in the First Nations communities is far far worse than what we experience here in and around Calgary.

We could use help at the rescue center as well as foster care for dogs that aren’t in good shape. One arrived severely matted and has a runny nose so has to go to a home without any other dogs. He needs someone to bathe, administer medicine and give TLC in a warm place. He was seen by the vet when he arrived but will need to go in again.

The majority of the dogs have arrived healthy, but mostly starved. They will need TLC and vetting for spay/neuter/vaccines shortly after gaining weight. Some need extensive dental work due to chewing on chain.

We so badly need a rescue centre, and will start working on that soon! In the meantime these pups, saved from a life of suffering, will get good homes, but in the meantime are in need of foster homes. There are four litters, most all of them extremely under weight due to being homeless and their mother not producing milk any longer or not enough. One litter does not have a mother. One litter is very young, only two weeks.

Rescuers went to the First Nations dump on September 15th with the help of a couple of people in the community and rescued the homeless dogs. Many were then taken to their homes and picked up the next day in Saskatchewan. There were mothers with pups and orphan pups. We were sent a photo of a pile of rubble with a black dog and puppies huddled in it. This is one of the areas dogs were living and being rescued from. The homeless puppies end up roaming and starving after the mother has no more milk. The key of all this over population and homelessness is Spay and Neuter. There are spay and neuter programs that go out to First Nations communities, and thank goodness! It saves thousands of dogs from suffering. The ones rescued over the last few days will all be spayed and neutered. If anyone wants to ask their local vet if they would like to work with us offering discounted spay and neuters, we would really appreciate that.

About $1,200 has been donated so far: what a huge help!

We have a few foster families and are looking for more since we do not have an official rescue center. We are also seeking donated crates, blankets, dog beds, food, collars, leashes and gas cards. To help financially you can go to to our website and look under Support Us and see PayPal or CanadaHelps. We also have a P.O. Box 801 8th Street, Canmore, AB, T1W1A0. Thank you everyone that has helped already! To foster, volunteer or donate: