Managing Our Weight Does NOT Mean Going on a DIET

Weight Management

Whether we want to, or should, lose weight is not the issue that we should be focusing on.

We need to find the issues we need to deal with.

It could be many things:

  • We’ve tried and ended up losing weight and gaining it back again
  • We’re not sure how to go about planning our meals
  • We think we’ll spend more money trying to eat “healthy”
  • We’ve heard about “whole food eating” but we’re not exactly sure what that means
  • Low carbs? Exactly what is ‘low’? How many should we be eating? Any?

Taking all our training from becoming Ideal Protein Coaches, we have discovered that one size does not fit all and that everyone needs a unique approach.

We’d like to invite you to join us to have a conversation about what that unique approach could look like for you.

This is not going to be an information session on what Ideal Protein can do for you, we’re not going to try and sell you on the Ideal Protein Protocol.

What we are going to do is share some fun tips and ideas on how you can become the healthiest YOU.

[Tweet “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. – Lao Tzu”]

That’s exactly what we want to advocate – ONE STEP at a time.

Please join us on September 12th at the Black Diamond Pharmasave store at 7:00 pm.