Making Sense of Election 2015 – Introduction

By E.P. Whinters

Unless you are an economics or political science geek and this is your chocolate, my guess is that most Albertans are exhausted from election rhetoric and attack ads. I know I am. And yet, we start again to face into an unprecedented lengthy campaign leading to the federal election on October 19th. Already, there are accusations and claims: he is “just not ready”, and questions about money sources and the questionable ethics and corruption within the party and where do they really stand on those oil sands … and we are just beginning.

I am not an economist or political scientist. I have no position of influence in this community nor do I have any hidden agenda. I am an average Albertan with a bachelor degree, who has an interest in what is happening in our country in the context at this point in global history, who is frustrated with our situation and has questions about where to put my X, because I do take my civic responsibility seriously. Instead of spouting anger on my personal social media sites towards the parties I do not like or attacking those with whom I disagree, I have decided to be more educated, more helpful, more proactive and maybe assist others as I face into my personal confusion. Over the next 10 weeks, I intend to examine our four options, with as little bias as possible, and I invite you along with me for this discovery. It is my intention to select every week some aspect of the coming election; to study, research and reflect without bias (as much as possible), in hopes that I can make an intelligent decision on the 19th and perhaps assist you in making yours.

E.P. Whinters Featue ImageOver the next 10 weeks, I will be sharing my reflections and discoveries with you on each of the four options – the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, the New Democratic Party and the Green Party. Along the way, I intend to do some basic history research on each of the parties, examining how each began, who left a legacy and impact on our nation; I intend to look at the four options we have today and what are their basic platforms; I’m interested in the world economic situation and where we fit in; I wonder what the pros and cons for each are on the street (those that are deciding for what the party can do, and not for what the others fail to do). How do we wade through this mess we are facing? How do we decide to help our nation stay strong in what is looking like an economic shift like few our nation has lived through prior to today? How do we choose the next party to lead our nation?

I hope that if you follow my journey over the next 10 weeks, you might learn something. Maybe you will find concrete reasons that support what your gut is saying; maybe you will discover something that you did not realize before. Or, if you have been around long enough, maybe you will remember something you heretofore forgot. As I said, I am not a politician in any way; at this point, I truly don’t know where I will put my X on that coming day. But I am curious, I want to know; I dislike the attacks that could easily be pointed back on any of the parties and I long to wade through the partial truths and manipulated comments that are designed to tell Common Joe (or Jane) how to vote. I believe no party is without fault, no party is the perfect and only choice … but how to choose when so much influence is actively pushed on us, by the media, by social media, by our friends and family? Somehow, a conclusion needs to be chosen … Canada needs every vote, perhaps like never before in history. With the coming election; I feel that our duty and right to vote wisely on the 19th has never been more crucial. Please, let us make our vote one that comes from our values and not one that is manipulated and pushed on us by all the pressure out there.

If you have any suggestions or topics you are curious about, other than what I have laid out above, that you would enjoy as a topic for this endeavor, please leave a comment. I state here that, to some extent, this will inevitably include my own opinion in some way, but I hope to use research and concrete information for support. If you wish references, leave a note and I will share my sources.



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