Make This Your Summer of Self-care

Summer is a great time to relax and unwind, focusing on your physical and mental health. But sometimes the whirlwind of activities and having the kids home can get in the way of making this a time to de-stress. Get your self-care in check with these tips and ideas:

Spend time outside. There’s nothing like enjoying fresh air, sun and nature to make you feel calm and centred. Pick an activity you truly enjoy doing outdoors – whether it’s walking in the park, swimming, gardening, golfing or picking berries. When travelling, check with your local hotel on services they offer. The Westin brand, part of Marriott Bonvoy, offers free bike rentals to guests so you can explore cities and parks.

Treat yourself. You don’t need a reason or an excuse to do something nice for yourself, like planning a weekend getaway or a day at the spa. If you have a rewards program like Marriott Bonvoy, you might even be able to book a treat using points.

Get organized. Knowing you have a list of things to do can be stressful. Instead of trying to do it all or ignoring it and letting the worry get to you, focus on a few key tasks or projects to chip away at. Whether it’s getting the kids’ school supplies or reorganizing your closet, tackle things one at a time with patience.

Recommit to wellness. Between barbecues and days spent lounging in the sun, it’s easy for our health goals to fall by the wayside during the warmer months. But eating well and exercising help us feel our best, so make a commitment to balancing out well-deserved summer indulgences with nutritious, in-season produce and regular physical activity.

Diet without dieting. Summer is all about outdoor events, reconnecting with friends and added office parties. If your calendar is full and you’re worried about overeating, follow this rule: You can have some, but don’t have it all. If you really want that piece of pie at a bbq have it. But skip the other high calorie options like dips, cheese and extra cocktails.