Make Sure That Rover Isn’t a Driving Distraction


Most people wouldn’t think twice about grabbing their pet and taking them for a ride in the car to run some errands or to visit friends and family. However, with an increased focus on distracted driving and overall driving safety, there is growing concern about pet safety in the car.

“Many people overlook the potential distraction that a pet can be, especially if they are loose in your vehicle,” says Achiel Goossens, the senior manager of auto claims with Aviva Canada. “They can distract you from the road, impair your vision, and even attempt to climb on you while driving. Properly securing your pet will ensure you are both safe.”

Goossens offers the following tips when you go for a ride:

• Don’t let your pets run loose in the car.

• Don’t let your dog hang its head outside the window.

• Secure your pets using a pet-friendly seat belt or safety harness.

• Crate small pets at all times.

• Avoid letting your pets sit on your lap when driving.

• Never leave your animal in the car unattended, especially in the summer months.

• Consider installing a dog barrier in your vehicle if you have a hatchback, van or SUV.

Properly securing your pets and insuring they are safe in the car before you hit the road will give you one less distraction. There are already enough things that require your attention on the road, and your pet should not be one of them.