Lucky Stampede Lotteries Winners announced!


IMG_0429-550x366Prizes for the 2015 Stampede charity lotteries were valued at $1.3 million! A lucky group of people became Stampede Champions. Notable prizes up for grabs were a $864,000 dream home, almost a quarter of a million dollars cash, as well as a pickup truck with a boat.

IMG_0568-550x366This year’s Stampede Champions are Paul Allred (Rotary Dream Home), Mike Burnyeat (Truck & Fifth Wheel), Ken Pierson (Truck & Boat), Mike Moore (Truck & Toys), Kevin Willerton (Corvette Stingray), Lal Perera (GMC Yukon), Andrew Pike (Harley-Davidson), Frances Henrickson (Split’em 50/50 – $242,055 Cash), Marty & Gloria Jurgens (Early Bird Winner – 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe 1LT) and Linda & Paul Thomas (VIP Prize Winner – $10,599)

IMG_0501-550x366Dana Hunter, vice-chair of the Rotary Dream Home committee, mingling with Wilma Gibson, Mel Gibson and Neill Magee, a passionate Calgary Stampede volunteer.

IMG_0528-550x366Rick Kuzyk, Lotteries committee chair, congratulates Keith Hart, Kinsmen Wheels committee chair, and Dana Hunter, Rotary Dream Home committee vice-chair.

In spite of the economic climate, the 2015 Advanced Ticket Campaign and Stampede Lotteries achieved almost $7M in sales! These lottery programs help support the Calgary Stampede and its service clubs, the Kinsmen Club of Calgary and the Rotary Club of Calgary South, the Calgary Marching Show Band Association and the Calgary Stampede Foundation.

Thanks to the efforts of our wonderful sponsors and the hard work of volunteers–including the 25 hardworking Calgary Stampede Lotteries committee members and more than 1,000 passionate people from the Rotary Club of Calgary South, The Kinsmen Club of Calgary, the Calgary Marching Showband and the Calgary Stampede Foundation– more than 25,000 volunteer hours have led to this moment tonight.

IMG_0437-e1437531722366-488x733Guests were treated to a feast. All this excitement must have built up a huge appetite for delicious Stampede snacks.

Dreams came true for our Stampede Champions tonight– particularly winner of the Harley-Davidson, Andrew Pike and his companion Troy (who has friends that still can’t believe how lucky Andrew is).

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IMG_0494-550x366Warren Connell, Calgary Stampede CEO, congratulating Frances Henrickson and Clinton Henrickson for winning the $242,055 cash prize.

IMG_0538-550x366GMC is the main supplier of our Kinsmen Wheels program and a key sponsor of the Calgary Stampede. Thank you Glenn Lemmerck, Omira Janmohammed and Christa Paterson for helping us celebrate Stampede Champions, like Kevin Willerton.

IMG_0539-550x366Congratulations Mike Moore!

IMG_0541-550x366Congratulations Ken Pierson!

IMG_0556-550x366To celebrate this momentous occasion, Calgary’s own, Paul Allred, winner of the $864,125 Homes by Avi Dream Home, shared a slice of celebratory cake.

IMG_0574-550x366Pictured: Paul Allred.

Source Calgary Stampede