Longview School News ~ Longview Eagle

The Eagles’ Nest

Brave is something you have to be
to fly high in the sky,
to search for mice in tunnels wide,

Strong is something you want to be to
lift fish up to 50 pounds, to circle and
dive to catch your prey.

That deserves a gift.
Men and women work hard to put food on their table
Just like the mighty Eagle.

Clear eyes to see the world
through trees, short and tall;
Our eyes see the Eagle flying
high in the sky.

I know that courage is what an Eagle has.
To me, being a Longview Eagle means
that I am brave enough to
play sports with passion,
and to take risks with my learning.

I am strong as an individual,
but I am stronger with my team.
I am proud to be a Longview Eagle.

By Falyn T