Longview Library Welcomes Back the Crib Club

Crib Club has started up again. All ages and abilities are welcome on Thursdays at 2pm in the boardroom.

We have a delightful children’s book in the library called The Wonky Donkey by Craig SmithIt is the hottest selling book in the US, due to a viral video of a Scottish Grandma reading the lines to her grandson, with breathless and boisterous enthusiasm. We have it, and many other wonderful children’s books.
A moving read is Ragged Company by Richard Wagamese, an Ojibwe author and journalist, famous for his book Iron Horse.  It is an existential study of four street people and a jaded lonely journalist, couched in Indian lore and wisdom, culminating in a beautiful love story. It is full of metaphysical musings and introspections.
Reader Come Home by Maryann Wolf, attempts to understand what is happening to our reading brains at the crossroads of the old ways of reading and the new. She explores the neuro-plasticity of the brain and the neurological acrobatics the reading brain has to perform. She argues that digital reading, which bombards us daily, is inhibiting  our absorption of knowledge, which takes time and reflection. Wolf wants children to become “code switchers”, able to move from the media to light and deep reading, just as bilingual people “switch” languages. In short, we must never forget how to read a book!
If there is a book you want and it is not in our library, Lynda, our librarian, will order it for you from another library, and you will have it shortly. This is a service provided by the Marigold Library System.
Albert Einstein has said “The only thing you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.” We hope you will find the location of ours—in the Village Office building!
Happy Reading