Longview Library Presents a Winter Speaker Series

Happy New Year every one! I hope you are all snuggled up with a pile of good books to last you the winter season.

The library has a wonderful Speaker Series lined up for you in the month of February called “Community and Land”. The Series is done by video-conferences from several south western libraries, by naturalists in their specific fields. The first, Tuesday, February 10th at 7pm is “Cougars in the Cypress Hills.” Join us for a walk through cougar biology, conflict and adaptive park management. The second on February 24th at 7pm is “Alberta: Land of Dinosaurs and Other Paleontological Wonders.” You will learn why our province can be legitimately called “The Land of the Dinosaurs”.

Then in March, we will have two more. The first “Burgess Shale Tales and Tribolites” will be on March 3rd, at 7pm. John Hancock will share his knowledge of the Burgess Shale, a UNESCO, World Heritage Site. This presentation shares the story of the rich fossil beds left behind from the soft-bodied animals who lived 530 million years ago. Then on Tuesday, March 17th at 7pm the video conference will be “A Passion for Falcons, a Pig Barn and a $10.00 fine.” John Hancock will share with you his work with birds of prey for over 40 years and his journey as a conservationist.

A good read is “All My Puny Sorrows” by Miriam Toews. It is the story of the bonds of sisterhood and the struggle of depression and suicide that one sister is dealing with. The scenes flicker from past to present and back again about the one sister, who is a world renowned pianist and the other, a struggling writer. Though the novel sounds dark, it is touched with humour and compassion. Another is “Leaving To-morrow” by David Bergen, a Giller Prize winning author. It is a coming of age story about growing up and falling in love and full of hope. The story takes place in the foothills of the Rockies south of Calgary and in Paris, France. The book is a contemplative and questioning one, and takes its place beside “Who Has Seen the Wind” and “A Complicated Kindness” and has won the Margaret Laurence Award For Fiction.

Happy Reading