Longview Library Offers Personal Service to Seniors and Shut-Ins


I would like to remind the Seniors and Shut-Ins in our community that the library would be very happy to bring you books and return them for you. We have an eager group of volunteers who would be glad to do this. You can call Joan, our librarian, at 403-558-3927 and request a book and we will do the rest. Or,if you are at a loss of what to read, you can go to Trac at www.tracpac.ab.ca and browse through the titles available in the Marigold System. To open a Trac account, visit Joan and she will set you up. Don’t let sore knees or ill health keep you from curling up with a good book! The library’s mandate is to provide a life long learning centre for the community and surrounding area. To ensure this, we encourage everyone to use the inter-library loan system which provides access to a vast amounts of knowledge and hours of good reading material.

We have some exciting programs coming up in the coming month that we hope you will all attend.

Tuesday, March 31 @ 2PM- Spring String Interlude featuring Denisha Teichroeb (piano teacher) on the Cello, Sierra Butler (bassist in the Calgary Youth Orchestra) on the double bass and Danah Boutin on cello.

Tuesday, April 14 @ 2 PM- “Your Garden and You”, a talk by long-time gardener Sylvia Binkley, who will cover Garden Design, Preparation and Planting, Maintenance and Putting it to Bed.

Tuesday April 21 @ 2 PM- Classical Piano Spring Interlude featuring Denisha Teichroeb who will entertain us with a variety of classical piano selections.

Tuesday, May 5 @ 2 PM- Author Talk: Invisible Soldiers, Four years in the Life of a Cavalryman in WWl. The book is written by Norma (Stephenson) Lendrum from Calgary and she will be visiting the Longview Library to present an Author Talk. This is the story of Norman J. Stephenson of High River, as told through his letters and postcards sent back home to his family. It is a well researched and well written account of his life for 4 years in the 12th Canadian Mounted Rifles during WWl.

In the month of February The Hitchener Family won a mini I-Pad because they won the Literacy for Life Bingo game. Congratulations to you all.

A good read is Ian McEwan’s “The Children Act“. McEwan is a British novelist and playright. The novel is written from inside the heroine’s awareness. She is a high court judge, dealing with not only a troubled marriage, but a heavy legal work load determining a life or death decision of a seventeen year old boy. Not only will you turn the pages quickly, your ethics and morals will be challenged. A thought provoking book.

Happy Reading