Longview Library News: The New Mobile Library

Caleigh from Marigold is booked for a session called Your Library is Mobile. You can bring in your devise and learn all about apps and how they work on different platforms. The time has not yet been decided on, so watch for the posting at the library.

On December 3rd. Tracy from Marigold will give a workshop on how technology can give assistance to seniors and the physically impaired confined to their own homes. Time to be announced.

The Crib Club started up again on October. New members are most welcome.

Some good fall reads:

The Miniaturist, by Jesse Burton, an English author and actress, is set in Amsterdam in 1686-87. The story was inspired by Petronella Oortman’s doll house, that is now on display at the Rijkemusem. Burton has done extensive research on the times and culture of the 1600’s in Amsterdam. The story is enchanting and mysterious.

The Rain Watcher, by Tatiania de Rosnay, author of Sarah’s Key and A Secret Kept, is a story of a family gathering to celebrate the Father’s 70th birthday. It takes place in Paris, while the Seine is bursting its banks during an early spring flood. Rosnay reveals hidden secrets of the family, their lives leading up to the reunion and the interactions of the family who haven’t seen each other for a long time.

The Secret Man, by Louise Penny, is the 15th novel in the Gamache mysteries. This series take place in a small village in the Eastern Townships just south of Montreal. The story is set with the backdrop of a small art gallery, a bookstore and marvelous bistro that serves up French Cuisine. These all face the village square, so everyone pretty much knows what the others are doing. Penny’s books are an intriguing read.  Penny has recently been awarded The Order of Canada for her contribution to Canadian Culture and the Arts.

Happy Reading!