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Longview Library News: Savvy Seniors Series

February and March will have a series for Savvy Seniors at the library. Savvy Seniors is part of the BBB Savvy Consumer Education Program. Each presentation features information on why seniors are targeted, how they can protect themselves and a list of resources in case a scam is discovered. Each presentation is 45 minutes long, including a question period. These are videoconferences held in the media room in the library.

The first one is The Big Picture in which all the basics of the four types of fraud targeting seniors are explained, and the steps you can take to protect yourself. It is on Thursday, February 4th from 12 to 1pm in the library.
The second is Investment Scams which will explore Ponzi and Pyramid schemes, and in partnership with the Alberta Securities Commission, will offer tips and tools to evaluate new opportunities, spot investment fraud and what to do if you think you have been scammed. This is on Thursday February 11th from 12 to 1pm at the library.
The third is House and Home Scams, with practical tips on hiring honest contractors, how to avoid door-to-door telemarketing, reverse mortgage scams and more. This is Thursday March 3rd from 12 to 1pm in the library.
The fourth is Just for Caregivers, shows how you can protect the seniors in your life and their hard earned money. You will learn how to talk to your senior about money matters and where to find support resources if need be. This will be Thursday, March 10th from 12 to 1pm in the library.
The last session on March 17th from 12 to 1pm, Before You Hire a Contractor, will look at 10 steps towards a smooth renovation and helpful measures when things go wrong.
So mark your calendars for these events and also sign up for them on the sign up sheet on our bulletin board.
Joan, our librarian, would very much appreciate donations of DVDs and Blu-Rays to augment our collection. If you can do so, we would be grateful.
New to the library (among others) are Moonlight Over Paris by Jennifer Robson (F) and Super Brain: Unleashing the Explosive Power of Your Mind  by Deepak Chopra (NF).
A good read is My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor, PHd, a neuroanatomist. It is an engrossing story of her recovery from a debilitating stroke in the left hemisphere of her brain. She calls the book A Stroke of Insight because of the many lessons she learned during her recovery. She also describes how to care for a loved one recovering from a stroke. It is exciting to know that with remarkable new knowledge and the right care, strokes are not the frightening things they once were in the past.
Happy Reading!

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