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Longview Library News: Reading During Pandemic

Unfortunately, there is no timeline for the library to open. We encourage you to consult our Facebook Page for any information about this or any news items that come up.  As of now, your books may be kept till August 31st without any fines.

Longview Library News: Reading During Pandemic

Summer reading programs will be done virtually this year. This should be an interesting experience  and a learning curve for all.

A library patron remarked that when we say we are all in the same boat, we aren’t. We are in the same storm, but each of us is in a different boat.

Of the many e-Resources offered by Marigold, one is Solar, a great educational tool for Grades 3 to 12. A complete list of e-Resources offered by our library can be found on our website  Marigold has done its best to offer more on-line resources for you, many of which are free. Also you may renew your membership if yours has expired, by filling out a membership form on-line on the Longview Library website.

For some light summer reading They Left Us Everything by Plum Johnson, an award winning author who lives in Toronto. It takes place in a huge turn of the century home on the shores of Lake Ontario, just outside the town of Oakville. It is a memoir of Johnson’s, inspired by the deaths of both her parents. It is deeply moving, yet hilarious in some parts. It paints a vivid  picture of life in the 50’s and 60’s.

Little Bee by Chris Cleave, author of Incendiary, is a moving story of two women whose lives meet on a beach in Nigeria. The Nigerian makes her way to England, where the other woman lives. She is  taken in by this women and her family, who give her warmth and nurture. A mystery develops, wrapping itself around all the characters.

Happy Reading

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