Longview Library News: The Power of the Library Card

By Sylvia Binkley

The power of your library card is most impressive. We encourage you to explore all aspects of it.

When you become a library member, you will come under the umbrella of the Marigold Library System. It consists of individual libraries organized in a network  which collectively serves the needs of residents in south-central Alberta. You will find yourself in the hands of knowledgeable staff, wireless access, computers, books, DVDs, music, large print, videoconferencing, story time programs and reference questions answered.
If you want to order books on-line, you would do so through The Regional Automated Consortium. Our librarian, Joan, can quickly organize this for you. It allows you to search for, and order library materials, renew your books, keep track of what you have read, access downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks and learn a language.
So do come out and take part in all that your library has to offer you.
New non-fiction in: Mein Kamph, Curse of the High IQ by Aaron Clarey;  My Journey into the Heart of Terror: Ten Days in the Islamic State by Jurgen Todenofer and Pumpkin Flowers: an Israeli Soliders Story by Matt Freiman. Come in and check them our.
Connect Hearing Company will offer complimentary hearing tests to all the villagers in the conference room of our library on August 30th. Watch for the time on the bulletin board at the Village Office.
An interesting read is In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honore. The book is a testament to the value of doing things slowly and therefore more effectively. Perhaps the most interesting point is that aerobics, hitherto done at a frenetic pace, is more beneficial done slowly. New cities are being designed around walking trails and green spaces to encourage people to unwind and be peaceful. The book persuades us to live without mindless speed and to examine our relationship with time. It is a movement that is growing, as people realize the beauty of slowing down.
Happy Reading.