Longview Library News: Story Time for Summer

The library will be having a Story Time for ages 2-5 over the summer months, Children must be accompanied by an adult, or   an older, responsible sibling. Times for these will be posted at a later date.

Looking forward to September, Joan is hoping to get an adult colouring group together to visit, colour and enjoy each other’s company.
On Saturday, June 25, the Library Board will be serving breakfast in the park to the relay racers in the K-100. It is a race that raises funds for international hostels. It is a thrill to see them all start off.
Look for us in the Little New York Daze parade on July 23, Saturday. We will be on the wonderful chuckwagon and will be looking for you.
A good summer read is The Sea by John Banville. Banville is a Dubliner, winner of many literary awards, and ranked with James Joyce and Nabokov. His novel is beautifully crafted and is more a meditation than story. The hero of the story has lost his wife to cancer and he retreats to his childhood home by the sea to try to come to terms with her death. His sentences are intricately constructed and are so beautiful, you find yourself reading them for a second time. His writing is sensuous and a delight to read.
Happy Reading!