Longview Library: Fireside Reading

The draw for the the socks and scarves was won by Jubilee, Leona and Diane. Lynda, our librarian, brought in the game Kerplunk again from Marigold. It is one of  the games that our disabled patrons can do independently. It is very popular, as are the Legos, which will be coming in on March 6th. The library had a Q-tip winter tree painting session in January. The craft box will have the makings for Valentines in the next 2 weeks. Olympic and Canadian flag crafts will be available for our young patrons after that. Lynda is bringing in a button maker kit for a week on February 13th.
An oil painting class will be given by Lisa Penner in the month of February. Check the bulletin  board for date and time. Freedom to Read Week is from February 25th to Mach 3rd. There will be a banned and challenged book display during this time in the library.
Just a reminder that our hours of operation are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 5pm. Our phone number is 403-558-3927 and we also have a Facebook Page.

New books to the library:

Fire and Fury (the White House) by Michael Wolf
Shooting Kabul (Young Adult) by N.H. Senzai
Lunch Hour Embroidery-embroidery basics (Non-Fiction)
Architectural Magazine—  the international magazine of interior design.
Morrison by Susan Raby-Dunne ( Resident of the Village of Longview)

Some suggestions for your fireside reading: The Lost Diaries of Suzanna Moodie, by Cecily Ross, writer for the Globe and Mail, MacLeans, Zoomer and Harrowsmith. It is an enthralling story of a woman’s struggle for survival in the remote backwoods of the Canadian wilderness in the late 1800’s. The diaries are drawn from the diaries of the renowned author and pioneer, Suzanna Moodie.

Goodnight from London by Jennifer Robson, author of Somewhere in France, is a story of a female American journalist covering the Second World War in London. It is an ode to the heroines of the War, of whom little is known. It is also a touching love story.
The Secret Wife, by Gill Paul, is a story that moves across the centuries, the past merging with the present. It blends fiction with historical fact. The novel is of the love affair between the Grand Duchess Romanov and a calvary man in the Russian army. The great granddaughter of this soldier discovers evidence in upper New York State of this love affair, and in doing so, unearths a long sought after mystery.
Happy Reading