Loewen Welcomes Panel Members, Policies must be Focused on Keeping Economy Strong


EDMONTON, AB – Wildrose Shadow Environment Minister Todd Loewen released the following statement on Alberta’s new climate change panel and discussion documents.

“Wildrose welcomes the addition of the climate change panel members, chaired by Dr. Andrew Leach, in holding consultations and recommendations on the issue of climate change.

“There’s no question, there are tangible ways Alberta can have a positive contribution on improving the environment and work to reducing our overall emissions, including implementing an Alberta natural gas strategy that relies on less carbon intensive emissions.

“However, the actions this government decides to take cannot keep kicking our economy while it is down. Of the actions provided in the government’s survey to address climate change, there were policies put forward that will have a detrimental impact on consumers, families and all Albertans.

“While the economy is hurting, families cannot afford a dramatic carbon tax that applies to everyone and raises the price of everything, from any imported commercial good, to hockey equipment, to higher power and grocery bills.

“And a new equalization program for Ontario and Quebec designed as a new transfer scheme through a cap-and-trade system would only damage Alberta jobs further while the price of oil is at a six year low.

“We hope the panel will take this into consideration, and we look forward to hearing their recommendations.”