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Loewen Statement Regarding Short-on-Details Energy Efficiency Program

EDMONTON, AB: Wildrose Shadow Environment Minister Todd Loewen released the following statement on the NDP government’s energy efficiency program:

“Today’s announcement from Minister Phillips about energy efficiency programs was incredibly short on details and the true cost to Alberta taxpayers.

“Not only have Albertans been asked to fork over billions of dollars in new carbon taxes, but they are now also being asked to sign a blank cheque for potential boondoggles.

“It’s astounding that there are no facts available about the scale of the program, the products that will be offered, and a cap on how many LED products, shower heads, and power bars each family can collect.

“We are going down the green rabbit hole with this NDP government, and Albertans are going to be stuck footing the bill.

“The NDP government needs to release far more details on this program and understand that Albertans won’t stand for talking points over facts.”

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