Local Small Breweries Benefit from Alberta Jobs Plan

Small brewers in Alberta will be able to invest and grow their business, thanks to a new grant that will support local entrepreneurship and economic diversification.

CoeympCVMAAu1OPBeginning August 5, Alberta-based brewers who produce and sell no more than 300,000 hectolitres in Alberta annually will be eligible to participate in the Alberta Small Brewers Development Program.

The grants, which will be allocated based on sales volumes of Alberta-made beer sold in the province, will give small brewers the flexibility to invest in their businesses, enabling them to increase production capacity, launch new products, develop new markets, make important capital improvements and create jobs.

“Our government is taking decisive action to diversify our economy and expand markets for our products. That is what today’s announcement is all about – providing entrepreneurs with the tools they need to grow this young and dynamic industry. There’s no doubt that by investing in small brewers, we will see good jobs created for Albertans and a more resilient, diversified economy.”

Joe Ceci, President of the Treasury Board, Minister of Finance

“The food and beverage processing industry is one of the largest employers in our province’s manufacturing sector, with record sales of $14.6 billion last year. This grant program will be an important tool to help our small brewers realize their full potential and become an even larger contributor to the growing success of this sector.”

Oneil Carlier, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

“This grant program recognizes the tremendous potential brewing has in Alberta, with strengths in processing, tourism and post-secondary education. Alberta’s brewing entrepreneurs are poised to inject millions of dollars of new investment in the coming months and years. We applaud the government for taking decisive action to help grow this signature industry and create new jobs.”

Terry Rock, Executive Director, Alberta Small Brewers Association

CoeymuzUAAATdPNAlberta’s nearly 40 small brewers produce more than 250,000 hectolitres of beer annually. Since May of last year, more than 16 new breweries have been licensed to operate in the province.