Local Man Forced To End Cross-Canada Run for Rare Disease Foundation

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By Pam Jones, Editor.

On June 26th, 2018, Dave Proctor from Okotoks, Alberta, dipped his white cowboy hat in the Pacific Ocean and launched his “1 Man, 66 Days, 7,200 Km Cross Canada Run for Rare Disease”  marathon. 

His plan was to raise $1,000,000 for the Foundation.

Dave Proctor

Dave and his wife, Sharon, have three children; Julia, Sam, and Adele. Their son, Sam, has a rare disease that affects his mobility. 

Not only does Dave live in Okotoks, Alberta but he is also well-known in the neighbouring community of Black Diamond, where he practices his Massage Therapy at Diamond Valley Chiropractic Clinic.

From his website, https://outrunrare.com/


On June 27, 2018, at sunrise, I will embark from Victoria, BC on foot and not stop until I dip my foot in the Atlantic Ocean off the harbour in St. John’s Newfoundland. I will have run, on average 108 KM a day for 66 days in a row.

I am known as an elite runner and I like to think an all-around nice guy. My drive to break the current Guinness World Record to run across Canada stems from my deeply seeded passion to push boundaries and making impossible feats possible. Supporting the Rare Disease Foundation is a natural fit. My aim is to draw awareness to the needs and struggles that rare disease forces upon those it touches, and to raise funds to assist those focused on the important research that must continue.

My son Sam struggles daily with a rare disease called RECA, which makes simple movements difficult. Simply put, if he could run like his father he would never stop.

Our fundraising goal is $1 million which I know is a big task but equals the effort. We need your support –  volunteer, donate, or spread the word. We’re calling out to every Canadian, Runner, Ultra Runner, Athlete…  Believe me, I know the importance of every step – no matter how small.

Dave holds the Guinness world record for furthest distance run on a treadmill in 24 hours (260.4kms) and the Canadian 24 hour record.

For those following Dave’s progress on Facebook, the following post on July 20th, 2018, saddened the entire community.

MRI results have been analyzed and suggest a large paracentral disk extrusion at L5-S1 that has displaced the nerve and ultimately narrowed the function of the central canal.

In basic language, we need to be very careful and watch the symptoms to make sure there is no progression but Dave plans to get that blue dot moving tomorrow morning for as long as the body will allow.

So many thanks to all of the medical professionals for taking so much care, time, and discussion over this.

Three days later, this post came out:

Outrun Rare

23 July at 10:37 · 

The blue dot stopped 20 miles into the day. Dave and crew are exercising extreme caution as they anxiously await the arrival of Greg Morris from Diamond Valley Chiropractic Clinic.

Greg will provide treatment and also train the crew on the BioFlex, a portable laser machine, to help reduce the inflammation on Dave’s disc.

So many people to thank: Greg Morris & Natalie Carrington for coordinating this effort & BioFlex Laser Therapy for loaning Outrun Rare the machine.

Dave Proctor

At exactly the mid-point of Canada, Dave’s quest unfortunately came to an abrupt end that devastated him. His medical team announces that if he continued his journey, then irreparable damage would be done to his spine and nervous system.

Outrun Rare

8 hrs · ( July 27th, 7:00am MST)

From Dave “Sadly, today I will not be running and will not be moving forward. My neurological symptoms have got worse and it is not reasonable or responsible for me to finish this run.”

While Dave did have some promising results thanks to a combination approach to treatment earlier this week, the nerve pain has now shifted. After no sign of improvement following several treatments over the course of the day yesterday, and multiple conversations with the medical team, he was advised not to continue to preserve his long-term health.

We are now calling upon all Canadians to pick up where Dave left off and donate miles through our virtual run to see that this very important task gets completed (www.outrunrare.com).

Dave is all heart and WILL continue to move East and dip his hat in the Atlantic ocean. It is his sole focus to attend numerous events and continue to bring awareness and a voice to the rare disease community. Each day we get closer to achieving the $1,000,000 goal for the Rare Disease Foundation.

On behalf of Dave, the Outrun Rare team and the Rare Disease Foundation, we thank you!

Watch Dave’s video here: 

If you watch this video you will hear that Dave would like everyone to help him complete his journey “virtually”.

To donate to the Rare Disease Foundation in support of Dave:


Everyone at the Gateway Gazette has been following Dave’s journey closely and would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to him and his entire team for the money he has raised, and will continue to raise, for the Rare Disease Foundation.  We wish you a speedy and complete recovery.

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