Local Fire Bans Remain in Effect

Black Diamond – Water Restriction & Fire Ban still in effect

Water Restrictions remain in place until further notice. However, along with the beautiful spring weather, water usage has increased, and residents are reminded that diligence is still needed to conserve water. Work is still happening to find secure supplies of water for both towns, but the reservoir supply continues to be used faster than it is supplied.

The fire ban will be in place indefinitely until both towns determine that the water supply is secure enough to remove the bans.

Town of Black Diamond fire bans are posted to our Emergencies page, under Fire Bans, along with fire ban information from around the province to assist you with your travel/camping plans.

Turner Valley – Complete Fire Ban Remains in Effect

Fire Ban, Level III

FIRE BAN – The Fire Ban within the Town of Turner Valley remains in effect due to the water restrictions that are also still in place. Typical residential fire flows can reach upwards of 6800 liters per minute or in excess of 700 000 liters over the event. This would significantly impact our current limited water situation. Until the Town is in a positive water flow situation, the Fire Ban will remain in effect.