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Local Conservative Party of Canada Response to Budget 2018

“Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives are focused on bringing forward policies that put hardworking people before government, including support for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, which will create thousands of jobs and grow the Alberta economy. Budget 2018 was a huge opportunity for Justin Trudeau. The world economy is roaring but Justin Trudeau is failing to turn this opportunity into results for Albertans. Instead, the Prime Minister is raising taxes on over 90% of Alberta middle class families, and this budget announces new tax hikes on local businesses. And despite all the spending, middle class Albertans are no further ahead.  It’s clear Justin Trudeau has once again forgotten about Alberta as his economic policies fail to make a difference in the lives everyday Albertans. He has billions of dollars to help foreign countries combat climate change, but he has no new support to help Albertans who have lost their job in the oil and gas sector. After almost three years of Justin Trudeau the reality is: Never has a Prime Minister spent so much, to achieve so little.”

~ Matt Jeneroux, Conservative Shadow Minister for Science and Member of Parliament for Edmonton Riverbend

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