Literacy for Life’s Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee Seeks to Raise Awareness and Funding for Literacy Programs in the Foothills

Literacy for Life is excited to announce the Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee an annual fundraising event that will be taking place on September 29th in High River at the Wales Theatre. The Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee is the hottest competition in the Foothills! This hilarious, action packed event has teams of 3 adults competing in a battle for bragging rights to spelling supremacy as well at Gratest Pledges Raised! Doors open at 12:30 with a silver collection at the door. This community-focused event involves the whole family, creates awareness of literacy and raises funds to support programs for families and individuals.

Along with the Spelling Bee community members are invited to participate in the Cardboard Challenge and #Kindstones in celebration of Alberta Arts and Culture Days.

“Literacy for Life focuses on providing tailored literacy programs that provides tools, strategies and knowledge to parents, adult learners and agencies helping to build literacy and essential skills in the Foothills” said Doug Howard, Honorary Chair of the Bee. “Literacy is so much more than reading and writing, and this fun event helps get that message across and helps raise funds to ensure we can carry on the work.”

You can find out more through the organization’s website at  Donations can be made by going to the website.

We also still have raffle tickets for sale online at

Literacy for Life is a non-profit organization based out of High River. The organization has been providing free and low-cost programs to the MD of Foothills #31 since 1998 with programs tailored from birth to preschool, school-age to adult, families and seniors, with little or no cost to the learner. Literacy for Life relies on government and foundation grants, local business support, individuals and events to raise funds.