Libertarian Party of Canada nominates Cory Morgan in riding of Foothills (formally Macleod)


Cory-MorganLocal blogger and political activist Cory Morgan has been chosen to represent the Libertarian Party of Canada in the riding of Foothills (Macleod). A federal election is expected to be called this fall and Foothills is considered to be a key riding for the nascent federal party.

“Small government and the protection of property rights have always been key values for us in Southern Alberta. We unfortunately haven’t seen these values reflected by our current representative in Ottawa.” says Cory Morgan who hails from Priddis.

The Libertarian Party of Canada recently unveiled a comprehensive platform with a focus on tax reduction for all Canadians and specific plans to reduce the size and scope of government.

“Albertans want to see their tax dollars spent wisely by government. Despite electing governments that claim fiscal responsibility, we see ongoing policies of corporate welfare and deficit financing which are harming us now and will indebt generations.” says Morgan.

The Libertarian Party of Canada has been growing and gaining attention across Canada under the guidance of new leader, Tim Moen.

When asked about Morgan’s nomination Moen stated “We couldn’t have nominated a better candidate for this riding. Cory’s passion and his dedication make him the perfect candidate to represent constituents in Ottawa”

“Moen’s responsible and pragmatic approach to governance really impressed me. We truly do have an alternative federally and I look forward to presenting that alternative to voters in Foothills (Macleod) this fall” says Morgan.

Cory Morgan is a lifelong Albertan who has worked as an oilfield surveyor for most of his career. He now is employed by a company based in Turner Valley Alberta.

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