Liberals reach out to Ontarians with message of growth for middle class Canadians

LONDON, ON – The Liberal Party of Canada concluded its Winter Caucus meetings in Southwestern Ontario today with a clear message to Canadians: we are building a strong team and plan that prioritizes success for all Canadians.

“While Stephen Harper asks middle class families to sacrifice so that the wealthiest few can have thousands in tax breaks, Liberals understand that Canadians want a better government and an economic plan that invests in the middle class and those working hard to join it,” said Liberal Party of Canada Leader, Justin Trudeau. “Instead of playing the politics of regional division as this Conservative government frequently does, Canadians want leadership and a strategy to grow our economy, in every sector and in every region of our country.”

Mr. Trudeau and the Liberal Caucus were in London for two days to discuss jobs and growth for middle class families, and the economic importance of the region. They also met with local leaders, and held a rally with more than 600 Liberal supporters. Mr. Trudeau will now continue his tour of Southwestern Ontario in Windsor, and Liberal Critics will fan out across the province to visit more than 45 ridings, and hold more than 150 meetings.

“Canada’s economic prosperity is at stake, yet Stephen Harper has delayed the budget, thrown up his hands and admitted that he has no plan at all,” said Mr. Trudeau. “Liberals’ priority remains clear: we must ensure that all Canadian families have a real and fair chance at success.”