Liberals Present Plan for Fairness for Canadian Cities and Communities

EDMONTON – In a keynote address to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ 2015 Annual Conference and Trade Show, the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, presented his vision for fairness for Canada’s cities and communities.

“Our communities need greater support. I hear this every time I meet with municipal leaders across the country. There is no shortage of great ideas, but we are falling short in giving our cities and towns the infrastructure they need to attract new businesses and create new jobs,” said Mr. Trudeau. “It is time for a new agreement between our municipalities, provinces and the federal government. It is time for a new revenue source, dedicated and delivered to local governments.”

The Liberal plan for infrastructure will feature strategic investments that will make a real difference, including in affordable housing, public transit and transportation, climate change and smart cities. In addition, Mr. Trudeau committed a future Liberal government to holding a Big City Mayors’ meeting in Ottawa on an annual basis to discuss pressing issues facing our cities.

“Fairness for Canada’s cities and communities is possible, but it requires a real partner in Ottawa that respects local experience and lives up to its responsibilities,” said Mr. Trudeau. “A Liberal government will help build the modern infrastructure needed to preserve our quality of life, create more good jobs, drive productivity, and keep our economy moving forward. We will make our communities strong and prosperous places that Canadians are proud to call home.”