Liberals present economic vision for middle class growth in Canada

OTTAWA – Speaking at a Canada 2020 event today, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and former federal Finance Minister, the Hon. Ralph Goodale, presented a Liberal vision for economic and middle class growth in Canada, and derided the Conservative government for its failure to achieve either.

“Under Stephen Harper, we have faced seven years of budget deficits, rising debt, a weak job market, stagnant incomes, poor economic growth, and for the first time in generations, most Canadians are concerned that their children and grandchildren will actually be worse off than they are,” said Mr. Goodale. “Canadians need a new plan for the economy, a fresh approach that ensures that this country continues to grow at a decent pace, and that better opportunities exist for middle class families.”

While Mr. Harper’s priorities are an expensive and unfair tax break for the rich, and spending millions on wasteful, partisan government advertising, Mr. Goodale noted that Liberals will end that squandering of Canadians’ tax dollars. A future Liberal government will cancel Mr. Harper’s $2 billion tax break for the rich, and instead use those funds to make transformative investments in communities and public infrastructure, as well as better access to higher learning, skills, and innovation, which are the best and most immediate ways to promote jobs and growth.

“The Liberal economic plan will drive more prosperity, ambition, optimism, and security for the middle class, the heart of our economy,” said Mr. Goodale. “Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada are focused on strengthening the middle class, and ensuring that all Canadian families have a real and fair chance at success.”