Liberal Leader Swann to Co-Chair Mental Health Review

Premier Rachel Notley and Liberal Leader Dr. David Swann announced that Dr. Swann will co-chair a review of Alberta’s mental health policy, working with Government MLA Danielle Larivee, a registered nurse.

“Alberta’s current mental health system is not good enough, and needs to be reformed. Dr. Swann and I worked closely together on this issue when we were both in opposition. Our government intends to act on this matter. I’ve asked Dr. Swann to let us have the benefit of his views as we consider how best to proceed, and I’m very pleased he has agreed to do a careful review and craft a set of recommendations.”

~ Rachel Notley, Premier

“I am grateful to Premier Notley for reaching across party lines and inviting me to work with the government on mental health. This is a part of the health system that has been neglected for too long – and Albertans struggling with mental illness and their families have paid the price. I look forward to working in partnership with the government, health experts and Albertans to identify gaps in our mental health care system, reduce stigma, and improve the lives of Albertans living mental health and addictions issues.”

~ David Swann, Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party

This working group will aim to provide its recommendations by the end of the year.