Liberal Candidates Wrap-Up Third Team Trudeau Campaign College in Ottawa

OTTAWA – This week, 138 Liberal candidates met in Ottawa for a three-day campaign training college to continue laying the groundwork for real change in the 2015 federal election.

“These candidates are accomplished leaders who are serving their communities, knocking on doors, listening to their neighbours, and sharing the Liberal plan for fairness,” said Liberal Party of Canada National Campaign Co-Chair, Katie Telford. “This past week, they came together as members of Team Trudeau to share their expertise with one another and collaborate on the different strategies needed to earn the trust of Canadians.”

“During our third campaign college, we have provided training on how to effectively engage voters both online and in person,” added National Campaign Co-Chair, Dan Gagnier. “This week was about creating real change for the Canadians these candidates are working to represent. It was about bringing their constituents’ voices to Ottawa to discuss what they’re hearing across the country: that middle class Canadians have had to work longer and harder just to make ends meet.”

“We are thrilled that already 32 percent of our candidates are women,” continued Ms. Telford. “This year we launched a successful ‘Invite Her To Run’ initiative, where we asked Canadians to encourage remarkable women in their communities to run under the Liberal banner in 2015 – and we are very pleased with the results.”

“We are immensely proud of our talented candidates from across the country, who not only reflect Canada’s rich diversity, but whose experiences come from all walks of life,” concluded Ms. Telford. “These community leaders include first-generation Canadians, economists, Aboriginal leaders, members of the Canadian Armed Forces, entrepreneurs, municipal leaders, doctors and nurses, and both an Olympian and a Paralympian. These women and men are the faces of real change.”