Letter to the Editor ~ Turner Valley Water Reservoir Appeal


This letter has been sent to Gilbert van Nes, General Counsel and Settlement Officer for the Environmental Appeals Board:

Re: Appeal related to Turner Valley Water Reservoir

Brought forward by Roxanne Walsh and Julie Walker

I find it difficult to write this letter without emotions being involved.

For the last 9 years I have watched the time and efforts, dollars and anger going into the ongoing ‘water situation’ here in our beautiful valley.

We, the people of this valley, elect the officials of our towns to do the jobs they are elected to. It is with great frustration and anger that we watch these people put aside their work to defend themselves against the two people in Turner Valley who persist in causing time and money to be wasted for our council. Our elected officials are the ones we elect to keep our water tested and our two towns running smoothly. If we weren’t satisfied with the job they are doing, we wouldn’t vote them back in.

These same two people will not talk to the 100 year olds who are still in their own homes, nor the 90 and 80 year old, very active seniors. These seniors I speak of have lived here most of their lives, drinking the water, swimming in the Sheep River below the ‘flare’ and are still going strong.

There is a large proportion of people in this Valley who do not want these people speaking for them, especially when many arguments they put forth are so skewed.

One of our many concerns is with the newspaper articles. Who would want to start businesses or move here when this erroneous reporting is going on?

I would hope, in your infinite wisdom, you will delve into these two ‘environmentalists’ and like us, will wonder if their intentions are for the good of our Valley.

Thank you for your time, I remain

Signed by

Eileen Brownell