Letter from the President of PC Alberta Regarding the Auditor General’s Report

(Thursday) morning, I was disappointed to read the Auditor General’s Report regarding our former leader and the disrespectful use of taxpayer dollars.

There are three instances in the report where PC Alberta was specifically named that I will address.

First, because it is the right thing to do, we will pay back the approximately $6,500 to cover off three flights to PC Alberta events. Neither I nor any member of the Board or staff of the PCAA had any knowledge of this inappropriate use of government resources. While it is important that the Party repay these funds, the responsibility for these choices falls directly on our former leader.

As is a standard practice for our Leader’s Dinner events, PC Alberta chartered two flights to Grande Prairie for October 25th, 2012. We invited the former leader and members of her staff to fly from Edmonton to the dinner on our dime. While these arrangements were disregarded by our former leader, one of her staff members did fly on our chartered return flight to Edmonton.

The PCAA Provincial Board Meeting in Red Deer on June 15, 2013 was one of our regularly scheduled meetings with the date booked well in advance. More than 50 of our volunteer Board members drove to the meeting from cities and towns across Alberta at their own expense. The former leader chose instead to take the government plane.

The Southern Alberta Golf Tournament on August 26, 2013 was an event we co-sponsored with several constituency associations in the region. Here again, members and supporters from across Alberta paid their own way to attend the fundraiser while the former leader chose to fly on a government airplane.

As I said yesterday, the PC Association of Alberta is bigger than one person. Our heart and soul comes from our thousands of members from all walks of life across Alberta. The actions of our former leader have let down all these members who volunteer their own time and money to make this province a better place. This cannot, and will not, happen again.

Jim McCormick
President, PC Alberta