Letter to the Editor: Young Amputee Thanks Supporters

Dear Editor,

I lost both of my legs below the knee due to meningitis and was enrolled at the age of ten in The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend The War Amps 2014 Western Seminar in Winnipeg as a Junior Counsellor. The Seminar brought together child amputees from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Junior Counsellors are representatives of the Association and role models for younger Champs as they too grow up in CHAMP. I am able to help out with the seminar during the many sessions, and talk to the parents of new child amputees.

Having been a Junior Counsellor for almost five years now, I find the role to be beneficial to me as well. It gives me an opportunity to inspire young Champs, much like the Junior Counsellors I looked up to when I was a newer amputee. I remember being so relieved to see that someone who had an amputation similar to my own was still able to lead a successful and complete life, and now I can give back by doing this for others.

As someone who has benefited, I would like to thank all of you who support The War Amps Key Tag Service, which has made these programs possible for young amputees like me.


Keaton Grassie, 18

Saskatoon, SK

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