Letter to the Editor: Taxing Businesses is Taxing the Rich?

Businesses exist because people have invested in productive assets like land, buildings, machines, and employees. These businesses provide goods and services that are voluntarily purchased or in other words things that people need or want. Taxes decrease the productivity of businesses which means less product, less employment, less income to buy other products. Taxes decrease the standard of living for everyone which is especially onerous for those on the lower end of the economic scale. So increase tax on businesses? Not a good idea.

If you think increasing taxes on businesses is not a good idea, let the government know:

Prime Minister Trudeau’s email: justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca

Finance minister’s email: Bill.Morneau@parl.gc.ca

Website to locate your local MP: https://www.ourcommons.ca/Parliamentarians/en/members

~ Robert McFadzean

Libertarian Party of Canada candidate for Lakeland Alberta